Tired of Stumbling Over Stumps? Call Pelton's Tree and Land Services

Find a stump grinding service in Gautier, Biloxi & Ocean Springs, MS

The stump of a long-gone tree has made its presence felt in your lawn for years, and you're ready to get rid of it. End your days of dealing with that pesky stump with the help of Pelton's Tree and Land Services, Inc. Our Gautier, Biloxi & Ocean Springs, MS tree care specialists will grind your stump inches below ground level, remove the chips and fill the hole with topsoil.

Contact us at 228-497-6107 to learn more about our stump grinding service.

stump grinding gautier ms

3 good reasons to get rid of the stumps in your yard

Removing the stumps on your property offers plenty of stylistic, safety and practical benefits. Here are a few reasons to consider grinding away your stumps for good:

  1. A stump interrupts the carpet of grass you've so carefully cultivated
  2. A stump can make lawn maintenance more difficult
  3. Rotting stumps attract termites and fire ants
  4. You can rely on Pelton's Tree and Land Services to clear tree stumps from your property.