Get the Artisan Wood You Need

Contact us for custom milling services

If you're looking for decorative wood to create furniture or a statement piece, talk to us about milling services. Pelton's Tree and Land Services, Inc. will turn your logs into lumber.

We trim the sides of logs to create lumber that's never been treated and maintains the natural appearance of the wood. It's ideal for creating:

  • Mantels
  • Tables
  • Benches

The wood can be cut further for wood accent walls or artisanal purposes. Contact Pelton's Tree and Land Services today to learn more about our milling services.

Get the rough-cut lumber you need

Get the rough-cut lumber you need

We'll create wood slabs for you from all types of wood. It's a great way to turn your trees into usable lumber after the wood is properly dried. Our lumber is a great foundation for pieces you can use to accessorize your home.

Transform lumber into beautiful furniture pieces for your home. Call 228-497-6107 today to schedule milling services.

Project Details:

Maple log being milled for local furniture builder, we strive to reduce waste and reclaim our resources to usable materials.

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